SalesChoice has launched a major NEW offering, on its AI Insight Engine (TM) platform, called Account Scoring. This unique offer will allow users to benefit from account intelligence monitoring,  both in current and past opportunities, leveraging high impact visualizations, and KPI real time monitoring and alerts. Book a demo to see how we can help you improve or modernize your account strategy to predict churn risks, all driven by AI and Machine Learning.


Dr. Cindy Gordon has now joined the CATA TechNow channel as an AI personality, and will also feature in a panel at the upcoming Digital Transformation Conference and Awards on August 14, to discuss ‘Moving Beyond the Hype: Separating AI Fact from Fiction’. See the full event details and register here.


A Harvard Business Review article believes that all of AI’s business use will be in two areas. The business areas that traditionally provide the most value to companies tend to be the areas where AI can have the biggest impact. Read the full article here.


The AI Directory has now expanded beyond the Canadian shores. The platform, launched last year by SalesChoice Inc., IT World Canada and CATA, has now grown to include US and Chinese AI organizations and professionals. Donna Wittman, experienced and Award Winning Channel Chief, from VMWare, Cisco, Xerox is now taking the reigns to take us global. You can access and register your profile here.


Stay tuned with progress and information in the world of Artificial Intelligence & B2B sales on our channel. Meanwhile, if you would like to address challenges facing your sales team to achieve your sales targets for 2018, do not hesitate to contact us for a discussion.