A Black Swan challenges past metrics and how we think. To adapt, we need to:

  • Look beyond what we see in our Salesforce CRM to forecast revenue;
  • Stop looking at past sales reporting metrics and start predicting sales outcomes
  • Provide our sales professionals with deeper coaching insights to achieve their sales targets.

We would like to do our part to help you in this challenging environment.

  • Hence, we are offering New Customers a 90-Day Free Usage to apply our Predictive Analytics: Insight Engine to help you adapt in this difficult time.
  • SalesChoice enables this through our fully remote white glove automated deployment from a secure Amazon Cloud and Salesforce Cloud AppExchange Infrastructure.
  • Our Installation takes 5 minutes – its as SIMPLE as 1-2-3.

So what is in it for you? You are given access to an Award Winning AI Platform that can:

  • Deliver up to 95% Accurate Sales Forecasting: simulate on any timing dimension
  • Offer Pipeline and Opportunity Coaching: Tracking across all regions, net new and renewals, and prioritize the best opportunities with highest odds of conversion.
  • Save Costs: CRO’s and CFO’s can eliminate non value-add excel reporting, plus maximize resourcing to optimize revenue realization
  • Increase Coverage Fit: Understand your customer and sales coverage fit and gaps.

We look forward to helping you operate in the New Normal.

This Black Swan Event opens up new pathways and we are giving you ease of modernization in challenging times.

As Darwin timelessly said, “those who survive are not the strongest or the most intelligent, but they are the most adaptable to change.”

Stay healthy, keep your company healthy, and adapt to the new normal today!

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Offer Eligibility:

  • This offer requires SalesForce CRM Data Access, and a minimum of 15 Sales Professionals with 2000 historical win/loss data records. AI Loves Data!

You can leverage AI to close more deals even in a downturn!

  • Achieve up to 99% Salesforce adoption,
  • Improve your Data Completeness by 75% or more
  • Reduce Cost of Sales by at least 20%,
  • Achieve 95% revenue forecasting accuracy,
  • Increase your sales win rates by 10-15%

Do you know how much it would cost you to realize these benefits in your organization? And how quickly you could recover the investment? Find out with our 1-minute calculator.


Dr. Cindy Gordon

Founder & CEO

SalesChoice, Inc.

E: cindy@saleschoice.com

C: (416) 230-6538