In today’s attention deficit deprived world, sales forecasting accuracy has increasingly become more complex and consequently higher error rates. According to Sirius Decisions, companies estimate on average that they spend 2.5 hours per week and managers 1.5 hours on forecasting. Yet, nearly 80% of sales organizations don’t forecast within 10% of where they eventually land. They often don’t anticipate missing targets or realize too late in the quarter to take action.

Fortunately, there are many CFO’s that do a further overlay on financial forecasts.

But let’s face it – This is an unproductive and vicious cycle and loss of productivity.

Fix the Vicious cycle

What if there was a software system that was so easy to use, that you could just go on auto pilot?

Just let the technology crunch the numbers look at the usage patterns and come in accurately every month on your forecasts, with no human intervention?

What would that be worth to you?

Here’s an analogy remember when Autopilot was first conceived pre-WWII with the goal of reducing pilot workload. Before its introduction, pilot attention was decreasing due to navigation complexity, resulting in excessive fatigue which sometimes proved fatal. Autopilot was introduced in the 1970’s and pilot error dropped to less than 30% of fatal airline accidents.

Similarly, in sales forecasting human inaccuracies is the primary reason why companies miss their end-of-quarter forecast number.

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