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Do you know about the Data Science Hierarchy of Needs? In this article by Forbes, Monica Rogati presents her pyramid inspired by Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, showcasing everything you need to do before you do AI.

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SalesChoice’s Data Completeness feature informs you – in real time EVERY TIME you check – how complete the date is in EVERY Salesforce field that is relevant for your business – for EVERY user on the team – in a powerful visualization that has Sales Operational leaders clamouring for more.
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And to round up the latest in AI, scientists have now created the first ever living, programmable organism. If you haven’t heard already, check it out here.

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  • Achieve up to 99% Salesforce adoption,
  • Improve your Data Completeness by 75% or more,
  • Reduce Cost of Sales by at least 20%,
  • Achieve 95% revenue forecasting accuracy,
  • Increase your sales win rates by 10-15%

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