• At least 20% reduction in cost of sales,
  • 95% revenue forecasting accuracy,
  • 10-15% increase in sales win rates, &
  • 99% Salesforce adoption via data completeness views

Do you know how much it would cost you to realize these figures in your organization? And how quickly you could recover the investment? Find out here with our 1-minute calculator.

Join us online on May 31 in our webinar discussing How you can Leverage AI & Data Signals To Improve Customer Journey.

In this session, Julien Phipps, Canadian Director Emailage, and Dr. Cindy Gordon, CEO SalesChoice, will discuss the importance of finding the right mix of AI & Data signals to enhance customer’s experience, whether at the point of decisioning, the point of transaction or even ways to identify repeat buying.

Our other webinar, on June 11, will discuss how unexpected honesty and understanding the buying brain can transform your results.

Join Dr. Cindy Gordon, CEO SalesChoice, and Todd Caponi, Author of The Transparency Sale, as they look at how greater insights and preparation can even reveal which specific factors play the most significant role in determining deal outcomes, what the impact of their actions are, and how they can engage buyers more effectively.

Angstron Technologies and SalesChoice Inc. have joined hands to deliver enterprise-level business and technology transformation services. The New Global Alliance will deliver Artificial Intelligence Enterprise Consulting and Technology Development Services, building high-end Artificial Intelligence (AI) software for businesses of all sizes. Read more here.

SalesChoice recently featured at Collision 2019 – one of the world’s largest tech gatherings, with 25000+ attendees and our Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau featuring on opening night. Held in Toronto last week for the first time, it underlined the city’s booming AI expertise. Read our blog on what this means for the growth of responsible AI.