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Why CFO’s should own Advanced Analytics

Deloitte Touche’s recent annual survey on the state of analytics readiness at leading companies validates wide variations in analytics oversight. Accountablity in integrated analytics, KPIs and financial oversight is not where it needs to be to govern and manage risk.

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Why Sales Professionals Must Improve Their Data Science and Analytical Skills

According to Andy Hoar, of Forrester Research, over one million US B2B sales jobs will be eliminated by 2020 (Death of B2B Salesman, April 2015). Of the four documented seller types, two extremes stand out. Transactional Order Takers add no value to the buyer process and are predicted to lose up to one-third of all positions. One category of sellers that are expected to experience double-digit growth, the Consultants, are politically aligned and create compelling business value. These are the trusted advisors who provide meaningful insights and secure successful business outcomes that the client never thought was possible.

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