A 2012 Time-Warner Study on the media consumption habits of Digital Natives (millennials in their twenties who grew up with digital) showed that young people flipped between content across different devices on average 27 times per non-working hour. That’s roughly 13 times in 30 minutes. This is in contrast to older generations now adapted to digital, who switched media venues 17 times per non-working hour.

Experts are finding that focus and concentration have similarly become seemingly impossible in the workplace. David Hallowell, author of Harvard Business Review Press book, “Drive to Distraction at Work” has coined the resulting condition “Attention Deficit Trait,” or “ADT”. For Hallowell, “ADT” is not a medical condition like ADHT, but rather a set of traits, habits and coping mechanisms induced by modern life – “the advent of the internet, the shrinking number of people holding assistant positions and the corporate focus on efficiency and productivity, regardless of the human cost.”

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