The third and fourth videos in the joint series by EY and SalesChoice around Managing the Risks of AI are out now. Learn about Explainable AI and how to Be AI Ready here.

In our next Webinar on April 24, join Dr. Cindy Gordon, CEO SalesChoice, and J. David Green, Chief Marketing & Alliances Officer, DemandMatrix, a B2B big data company, as they explore how AI can optimize sales production. More details are available here.

Being mindful is essential for the leadership to be more resilient and reflective in an ever-changing world today. Idea Couture’s MISC magazine featured an article on Practising Mindfulness as a new way forward for Board Directors. What is it? Read the full article here.

SalesChoice featured at a recent Women in Data Sciences forum, sponsored by Stanford, where over 250 men and women explored the advancement of Artificial Intelligence, Data Sciences and their impact on advancing industry modernization. Today, SalesChoice will be present as a sponsor at the RSI AI Sustainable Futures Summit to rethink business as usual. Stay connected for updates on more such events you can be part of.

In case you missed, read our blog on Predictable Revenue to learn how organziations can use AI to increase topline revenue growth, also featuring a free white paper on the subject.

Stay tuned for another year of progress and information in the world of Artificial Intelligence & B2B sales. Meanwhile, if you would like to address challenges facing your sales team to achieve your sales targets for 2018, do not hesitate to contact us for a discussion. It’s worth it.

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