SalesChoice feature

  • Achieve up to 99% Salesforce adoption,
  • Improve your Data Completeness by 75% or more,
  • Reduce Cost of Sales by at least 20%,
  • Achieve 95% revenue forecasting accuracy, and
  • Increase sales win rates by 10-15%

Do you know how much it would cost you to realize these benefits in your organization? And how quickly you could recover the investment? Find out here with our 1-minute calculator. Even better, book a demo here.

What can a Sorceress teach business professionals? We had an engaging discussion with Jordanna Eyre, Chief Sorceress and teacher of exponential personal development & business success, on powering through the ebbs and flows of your career. You can listen to the full podcast here.

SalesChoice community

In association with The Bedford Group, a leading retained executive search and talent management solutions organization, we will host executive breakfast sessions on AI strategy & roadmap formulation for CEO’s and CHRO’s. Click on either link to RSVP or share it with someone who may be interested. To read our CEO White Paper on AI Readiness, click here.

Nothing speaks more than a satisfied customer. In addition to educational podcasts, white papers and webinars, our Predictive AI World also has a ton of high-impact case studies showing how sales leaders and CEOs have improved their sales forecasting, win rates, Salesforce adoption & revenue growth with SalesChoice.

AI Insight

How does AI enhance sales? Here’s an article from Forbes discussing why AI can be sales’ closest ally, and why products like SalesChoice pack so much potential for your sales team to leverage to achieve their sales targets, effortlessly.